Why do so many people call Cortez Tree Service to trim their trees?

Tree Removal, stump grinding and root removal Services in westcovina

Cortez Tree Service has been helping customers near Glendora and the surrounding areas achieve their landscaping goals for over 10 years. We are known for always providing dependable, professional tree trimming service to make every tree healthy and beautiful. This has been our number one goal since the beginning. The experts at Cortez Tree Service have seen it all and know what to look for when inspecting the health of plants and trees. We have an expert team to handle every job with care and dedication. We always provide customers with the best possible service, professional tree care and remain current with the latest changes and innovations affecting professional arborists. Our dedicated team stays up-to-date on the latest products, practices and techniques to provide the best service possible.

Everyone knows you can’t trust just anyone with your trees; you need a professional tree trimming company. When you call Cortez Tree Service you are choosing a highly rated team with a solid reputation and a very strong client base, repeat business and ongoing referrals. Cortez Tree service has a standard of quality, reliability, honesty and a reputation second to none. We are a team that follows industry guidelines and are experienced, well-trained, respectful professionals. We always stand behind our work, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What are some of the main reasons you should have your trees trimmed?

Tree Removal, stump grinding and root removal Services in westcovina
  •  Tree Safety
  •  Maintenance
  •  Save Money
  •  Healthy Trees
  •  Add Property Value
  •  Curb Appeal
  •  Maintain Usable Space
  •  Outdoor Living

Having a professional tree trimming service maintain your trees plays a big part in the overall safety of the area around your home. By trimming back dead branches you reduce the potential for fire danger should your tree or any structures nearby catch fire. Weak or dead hanging branches on a tree can be potentially be dangerous for pedestrians and your family. If trees are left unattended for long periods of time, dead plant matter can mold and rot within the tree which attracts wood boring insects making them a potential hazard. These insects attack and weaken the tree eventually causing it to fall. While many homeowners attempt tree trimming, certified arborists following OSHA standards believe that this service is best left to professionals who have the education and knowledge to trim a tree in a way that is safe and keeps the tree healthy.

Tree Removal, stump grinding and root removal Services in westcovina

Cortez Tree Service knows the importance of maintaining trees in order to preserve their health. Thriving, healthy trees grow better which is why scheduling routine trimming services by our professionals is important. Removing dead branches to make room for new healthy branches and leaves to grow helps them survive. Having a well maintained yard is one of the first things people see from the outside of your property and adds great value to your home. We believe manicured trees are just as important as maintaining your roof or keeping your gutters clean. They beautify the outside by creating inviting outdoor living and entertaining areas as well. If you are looking to beautify your yard and have your trees professionally trimmed call us today!


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