4 photos of lot clearance and hauling services placed side by side. From left to right: (1) 2 men collecting fallen branches and placing it in a loader truck, (2) A yellow frontloader, (3) A backhoe loader truck transferring part of trees ot a bigger truck, (4) track loader in  a yard

Lot clearance and hauling services you can count on to achieve your goals.

Our professional lot clearance and hauling services can eliminate unsightly stumps, dead #branches, shrubs, bushes, and even entire trees. Cortez Tree Service wants to make it easy for homeowners so they can focus on their new construction endeavors. Whether you’re renovating or just beautifying your yard, you’ll need a clear lot free of debris. In order to begin a new construction project, you need a professional to provide land and lot-clearing services. We will clear the property of everything in the way as well as unwanted piles of old wood and branches. Not only do we clear the space in need, we haul everything away taking the worry out of cleaning up your outdoor space.

Professionals know how to tackle the specific needs of any property and we do it with minimal damage or effect to the land. Our professional arborists can grind down stumps, remove any dead or dying trees, and uproot plants precisely.

A track loader clearing an empty land

Our thorough and experienced workmanship will ensure that no shallow roots are left to make construction difficult or cause problems down the line. Cortez Tree Service is proud to have been helping customers achieve their landscaping goals for over 10 years. We always provide dependable, professional services to make every outdoor space maintained and beautiful.

Four reasons you may need lot clearance and hauling services.

Top photo: A wood chipper with branches of trees on its collecting bin. Below: A track loader pushing branches in one place
  • Create Usable Land – An overgrown property corroded with dead trees, overgrown plants, and an invasion of unwanted rodents is one of the main reasons professional services are needed for clearing. By eliminating all this debris you make space available and usable for a number of new projects.
  • Safety – Property that has become overgrown and unusable can lead to many different safety hazards. Brush and vines can be so overgrown the owner is unable to even walk through without falling. The dangers of branches falling and hidden tripping hazards can make maneuvering impossible.
  • Prevention – Sometimes when lot clearing is needed it means the property has reached an unbearable point and it can be crawling with disease. Rotting stumps and trees can often house diseases that affect other trees and plants. This also attracts uncontrollable pests and termites, which makes the situation even worse. This is why lot clearing is so important and should be done before the problem worsens.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – The benefits of clearing land is endless in that it opens up the opportunity to create something beautiful. Before land clearing, the acreage is often ugly and filled with dying plant life, unwanted vegetation, and trash. By having the professionals at Cortez Tree Service clear and haul debris away from your property you can begin the cleaning process and turn the land itself it something you can be proud of.

You don’t want to trust just any tree service company for lot clearance and hauling, choose a highly trained team with a solid reputation and a very strong client base. The reason people choose Cortez Tree service is for quality, reliability, honesty, and a reputation second to none. We always stand behind our work, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.