Tree Trimming Companies in Glendora, California

Tree Trimming Companies in Glendora

Trimming trees is no joke with so many factors involved with the process. It’s not something you can do accurately just by watching a few tutorials online so you better leave it to the professionals. The trained experts at Cortez Tree Service know all of the best practices and have all of the best gear for any task that you need done.

Why Get Your Trees Trimmed?

When your trees aren’t properly trimmed on a regular basis, it can pose a safety hazard while causing them to become very unhealthy. Also, it just looks plain awful! Take a look at the potential threats that can happen if you neglect to maintenance your trees:


  • Branches become weak from overgrowth
  • Diseases formulate
  • Dead and diseased branches break away


  • Falling branches can hurt living things and destroy property
  • Branches can interfere with power lines
  • Low branches and leaves can impair someone’s vision when driving


  • Grass and plants become dry if rain and sunlight can’t pass through a dense crown
  • Trees become unbalanced or misshaped
  • Prevents growth of fruits and flowers

While neglecting your trees can cause a mess of hazards, the act of trimming is also incredibly unsafe. In fact, it’s so dangerous that there are OSHA guidelines written for tree care that all licensed employees must follow to the letter. Don’t worry, our skilled arborists are already used to following these rules every time they’re on the field so you don’t have to.

Leave It to Us Green Thumbs

Cortez Tree Service has been trimming and pruning trees for over ten years. In that time we’ve mastered all of the proper techniques, latest equipment, and necessary products so there’s not a single task that we can’t do. Various types of trees require different attention, and our arborists have done it all from the more common strains to some of the more obscure. In all, our entire staff enthusiastically:

  • Follows all industry guidelines
  • Utilizes years of past experience
  • Upholds training for all modern practices
  • Shows top-level respect for all customers
  • Offers competitive prices
  • Promotes same-day service

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Let’s Get Trimming!

If you’re in the Glendora area and have some trees that are in desperate need of trimming or pruning, contact the friendly staff at Cortez Tree Service today to receive a free estimate. Those branches aren’t going to cut themselves, but that’s why we’re here!

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