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If you’re on the lookout for expert tree service, Cortez Tree has over 10 years of experience maintaining beautiful and healthy trees near you! Our talented arborists are skilled and qualified to handle all of your tree-related needs with precision and care.

Bringing Expert Tree Service to Azusa!

Our goal is to craft a beautiful and luscious community with our expertise, which is why we gladly offer our services to the people of Azusa. No matter the size of the job, we will bring all of the tools and personnel required straight to your doorstep because we’re dedicated to giving you a thriving yard to be proud of!

The Importance of Regular Tree Care

As you know, owning a tree requires more than just planting the seed and letting it grow. It needs guidance in order to grow the right way. What happens when a tree doesn’t receive that guidance? When a tree goes out of control, it can lead to potential hazards. Branches can become too heavy and break off onto unsuspecting property, or the tree itself can grow off-course and obstruct other entities. If left unattended for too long, it can also become decayed and grow rot or diseases. It can be difficult finding the time to micro-manage trees if it’s not your job, but that’s why we offer expert tree-trimming services so you don’t have to!

When It’s Time to Remove Your Tree

Any tree condition that causes a disturbance to the surrounding area is enough to warrant some maintenance, and possibly a complete removal. A tree that has fallen over into the road, or a tree that has become decayed to the point of affecting the air quality of the immediate area are both great examples. However, removing a tree isn’t as simple as digging it out of the ground. One of our experts will assess the situation and decide if complete removal is practical or if the tree should just be cut down to the stump. Oftentimes, leaving the stump behind is the better choice for maintaining the integrity of the yard, but we know how to treat stumps so that they stay rot-free and become a nice asset to sit or play on.

We Plant New Trees, Too!

If you want to plant a brand new tree but don’t know where to start, we can help with that, too! Aside from trimming and removing, we also know how to properly plant trees for successful growth. It’s all part of being the best tree service company in the area!

Call Cortez Tree For All of Your Tree Services

Next time you need tree services in Azusa, call Cortez Tree! We can trim, remove, or plant new trees with the utmost care for an overall beautiful yard. Call the friendly staff today at (626) 327 6574 to receive a free quote on your next service.

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