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Top Rated Tree Removal Service Glendora

Need a Tree Removed?

Getting rid of a tree isn’t as simple as chopping it down. There’s an entire book of procedures to follow in order to avoid accidents, infestations, and the like. A single mistake could cost you enough to regret not hiring the right people for the job. A well-trained arborist will know all of the different tree removal practices like the back of their hand with no issues abiding by every single rule and guideline. Cortez Tree Service only hires specialists who exceed these standards.

Best Tree Removal Service In Glendora

Why You Need a Professional

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We use best safety precaution while tree removing

Untreated Stumps Bring Termites

It can take as long as an entire decade or longer for a tree stump to completely decompose. Even if you are willing to wait that long, leaving a bare stump untreated could lead to infestations which could compromise the integrity of your home. When a stump continues to rot, it creates the perfect environment for bugs to thrive. Bugs that prosper in this type of habitat are termites that can easily find their way to your home or establishment. Expert arborists like those at Cortez Tree Service know how to shave stumps to control rotting and leave no safe space for termites to settle down.

Alertness and Awareness are Essential

Anyone who mindlessly chops down a tree without being aware of their surroundings or neglects to calculate where it will land becomes a liability. Even small trees are capable of causing costly damages to cars, buildings, and people. Settling for a cheap “arborist” who doesn’t follow the right procedures can end up costing you more than just hiring a professional from the beginning.

Rotting Trees Need Special Care

A rotting tree is different from a healthy tree in the fact that it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to determine the internal structure. Special care is needed to account for the fact that the integrity of a rotting tree can give in at any moment along any point of the trunk. It takes a true expert to know how to handle such a ticking time bomb.

Avoid Possible Lawsuits

Neglecting to wear proper safety gear isn’t a sign of someone who is skilled enough to the point where they don’t need it anymore. No matter how many years of experience you have, there are no exceptions to avoiding safety protocols. Accidents happen, and you want to make sure everyone has a higher chance of coming out of it unscathed. If the person removing your tree is hurt from lack of safety gear and they’re unlicensed or uninsured, you could end up sharing responsibility. You can easily avoid this entire debacle by trusting in professionals like those at Cortez Tree Service.

Why Cortez Tree Service?

Our trained arborists are the absolute best in all of Glendora for their tenacity in removing trees the right way. We follow all safety guidelines without fail and we know how to properly take down any type of tree in any environment for guaranteed satisfaction. Tough trees and tight spaces are no obstacle to us and we stay up to date in the latest practices and technology. Call us today at (626) 327 6574 for a free estimate!

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