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For palm tree skinning services in West Covina, seek out Cortez Tree Service for the best care and optimal results. With a reputation for excellence and a team of skilled
professionals, you can trust us for all your palm tree care needs including skinning. But why is palm tree skinning so important? Learn more about this essential service and how we are committed to providing top-notch care to enhance the health and aesthetics of your palm trees.

Why You Need Your Palm Trees Skinned

Palm tree skinning is a crucial maintenance practice that helps promote the health and beauty of palm trees. Unlike other traditional tree species, palm trees do not naturally shed their old fronds. They can accumulate until it becomes enough of a problem to create some serious and unfavorable conditions. Skinning involves the removal of dead or dying fronds from the trunk of
the palm tree and this process offers several benefits:
● It prevents safety hazards. Overgrown or dead fronds pose potential risks, especially during storms or high winds. Skinning removes these hazardous fronds and minimizes the risk of falling debris that could cause property damage or personal injury.
● It promotes better health. Skinning allows for better air circulation and light penetration to the canopy of palm trees, thus reducing the risk of fungal infections. It also prevents pests, such as rodents or insects, from nesting in the dead fronds.
● It can increase the aesthetic value. The task of skinning can improve the appearance of palm trees by removing unsightly, yellowed, or withered fronds, resulting in a cleaner and more appealing look.

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The Palm Tree Skinning Process

Palm tree skinning requires expertise and knowledge of palm tree anatomy to ensure proper execution without causing harm to the tree or the surroundings. At Cortez Tree Service, our skilled professionals follow a meticulous process involving crucial factors when performing palm tree skinning:
1. Evaluation. Our team assesses the palm tree’s overall health, identifying dead or diseased fronds that need to be removed.
2. Safety. We take all of the necessary precautions in protecting both our team and your property during the skinning process by utilizing appropriate safety equipment and proper techniques.
3. Pruning. Using specialized tools, we carefully remove dead or dying fronds while preserving healthy ones, thus maintaining the natural symmetry and form of the palm tree.
4. Cleaning. We ensure that all debris and fallen fronds are properly collected and removed from the site, leaving your property clean and tidy.

Let Cortez Tree Service Skin Your Palm Trees!

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