Emergency Tree Services in San Dimas

Trees don’t live forever. Whether they become weakened by disease, old age, or fall during a severe storm, emergency tree services may be needed. Cortez Tree Service provides prompt and friendly service throughout San Dimas and in the broader San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire.

Professional Help When You Need It

If a tree begins to fall or large branches begin to break, time is of the essence. We provide emergency services to remove fallen trees, broken branches, and address issues with flooding and irrigation. In addition, we safely remove:

  • Trees and branches that have blocked a path to your home.
  • Tops of trees that have fractured or broken off and are held up by other trees.
  • Trees that have partially fallen or show evidence of breaking.
  • Damage in the aftermath of a storm, including trees that have been struck by lightning.

When Should You Contact Us?

A common misconception about emergency tree services is that you should only take action if a tree has fallen. While this is important, we strongly encourage taking preventative action. If you suspect a tree might fall and is located near your home, the sidewalk or road in front of your home, or near your neighbor’s property, give us a call! A tree can wreak severe damage if it falls and it’s not always obvious why or when it will fall.

Detecting Weakened Trees

All trees are susceptible to storm damage. However, trees that have weakened root systems, are hollow, or have been infected by pests are far more likely to fall during a storm. Our team of arborists can assess and recommend what trees need to be removed immediately. If your tree is leaning, has mushrooms growing off of it, or has ants or beetles crawling on it, these are all indications that your tree may be sick and in need of attention.

A further indication that a tree may be sick is if its bark starts to peel away. Bark is an important protective barrier for the tree and without it, it becomes more susceptible to decay. You should also watch for trees that drop their leaves very quickly during fall. If the leaves drop before they usually change color and then don’t return as normal during spring, this may mean the tree is dead.

What to Do If a Tree Falls?

If a tree falls on a structure that people are in, there are few key actions you should take.

  1. Ensure people are out of harm’s way and move them to a safe location.
  2. If anyone is injured, call for professional help immediately.
  3. If it’s safe to do so, take pictures of the damage. You’ll also want to take pictures of the damage after the tree is removed. This will aid in the insurance process.
  4. If you have lost power or service, contact your utilities company.
  5. Call Cortez Tree Service! We will send out our crew as soon as possible to assess the situation and help get your property cleaned up and returned to safety.

Contact Cortez Tree Service for Emergency Help

Trees growing in the Monrovia area can get notoriously big and it’s not always possible (or safe!) to deal with these trees yourself if they become damaged or need to be removed. At Cortez Tree Service, we provide expert emergency tree services that you can count on. To get started, give us a call at (626) 327 6574 or contact us online.

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