Best Tree Service Company in San Dimas

Best Tree Service Company in San Dimas

Unlike a waterfall fixture, you can’t just leave a tree alone and expect it to be self-sustaining without running into any issues. Trees need tender love and care to grow in a way that’s beneficial rather than becoming a detriment from rotting or becoming deformed.

Can I Get Tree Service in San Dimas?

Cortez Tree Service gladly does business in San Dimas as one of the many areas we serve in Southern California. Whether you want to maintain a healthy growing tree or need to remove rotting or unwanted trees, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done. We have even more tricks up our sleeve like landscaping, gardening, and lot clearing. Basically, you can count on us for reliable yard work of any kind!

Tree Trimming
Regular Tree Care

Regular Tree Care

There’s more that goes into growing a healthy tree than keeping it watered. If you want it to prosper and be free of deformities, it needs to be coaxed into growing correctly through diligent trimming and pruning. Even then, pruning is only effective if you use the right techniques. Keeping up with special care for your trees can take up a lot of your time if you try to do it yourself, but you can leave it to our skilled arborists for beautiful trees guaranteed!

Complete Tree Removal

You might end up with dead or rotting trees in your yard and leaving them alone can present a handful of hazards. Branches could snap and fall on valuable property or living beings, the rot could attract bugs like termites, or it could simply ruin the overall look of your lawn. Dealing with a problem like this isn’t as simple as hastily chopping it down without a thought into where it will fall and what to do afterwards. At Cortez Tree Service, we specialize in tree removal by performing tasks like:

● Grinding the leftover stump
● Extracting the roots
● Cutting off problematic branches
● Topping off the tree

Complete Tree Removal
Landscaping and Gardening

Landscaping and Gardening

Landscaping and Gardening
Tree service is in our name, but it’s not all we do. We are also experts in marvelous landscaping for a welcoming environment that everyone will admire. If you’ve been dreaming of starting a garden, we can help you there, too! You can trust us to take care of:

● Sodding
● Seeding
● Irrigating
● Weeding
● And more!

Total Lot Clearance

Sometimes we just need a clean slate to use as a canvas to paint our new creative ideas. Leveling out an acre of land can be a tall order, especially if there are trees, stumps, bushes, and other debris in the way. Save for energy for the fun parts of your project by leaving the hard and tedious stuff to the professionals. When you hire Cortez Tree Service for the job, we’ll give you a fresh start with an open space to do whatever your heart desires.

Total Lot Clearance

Cortez Tree Service is the Best In San Dimas

When you call Cortez Tree Service, you’re calling the most skilled arborists in San Dimas. We follow the most current practices to give you the best experience and we have over 10 years of expertise under our belt for trustworthy service. Give us a call today at (626) 327 6574 for a free estimate!

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